allow me to recommend

I write a biweekly newsletter of reading recommendations and diversions. This helps me to channel my impulse to begin every conversation with, "I just read the greatest article..." You can sign up, too.

always grabbing the mic

public speaking & facilitation

Periodically I have the pleasure of speaking to groups and facilitating workshops on this topic. I leap at any chance to tell aspiring creative professionals (self-identified women and girls, in particular) how to procure funding, build a network, recruit and support volunteers, carve out space for their projects, and value their work. I also really like holding a microphone. 

  • boardLink is an annual event from artsScene Vancouver to connect young professionals to arts organizations seeking board members. I spoke on their October 2017 panel about volunteering in the arts.

  • The Future is you and me is a program designed to support young women of colour to take on leadership positions in creative and arts organizations. I co-facilitated a session on Collaborating and Relationships in spring 2017 and autumn 2016.

  • THRIVE is a community to support female, non-binary and genderfluid folks to develop as artists. I co-presented a session for THRIVE Talks on how your community can support your creative practice in April 2017.

  • I spoke at #FierceVoices, an event series for women and girls in media, about creating opportunities for self-identified women and leading a women-run publication.

special events

I love the digital space, but there's nothing like bringing a community together like a real-life event. I've planned, organized, and curated events in partnership with folks like Rain City Chronicles, SAD Mag, Evening Rounds, and the Contemporary Art Gallery.

I specialize in events that are fun, informal, idiosyncratic, and accessible (both in venue and price point). Dismantling the No Fun City stereotype, one packed venue at a time.

supporting creative communities

I'm passionate about developing and sustaining creative communities that are vibrant, inclusive, and engaged. To that end, I am a member of the City of Vancouver Arts & Culture Policy Council, and a CAG Young Patron. I'm also often writing about arts and culture.